Government Sector 

Become more aware of security threats and vulnerabilities that could compromise your government organization

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Incredity Venus™ patent-pending technology has been trained more than hundred thousand times on validated vulnerabilities to detect any unmanaged vulnerabilities, including Zero-day vulnerabilities.

We provide unique vulnerabilities that no other can find. 

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Incredity Research Initiative

Our extensive experience with the global intelligence community as well as with state-of-art R&D and technologies enables government intelligence clients to tackle the impossible as well as to develop strategies in order to live in a volatile world.

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6 steps

Solutions in 6 Secure Steps

Step 1


Incredity starts the due-diligence process, following a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Step 2


Incredity initiates an exploit intelligence strategy at the clients premises

Step 3


You express an interest in a vulnerability or exploit from our Intelligence Stream.

Step 4


Incredity sends an official licence-agreement alongside our 24/7 support and maintenance offer.

Step 5


You analyse the vulnerability or exploit and perform acceptance tests.

Step 6


Incredity receives payment.

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