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Identifying early context-aware security issues in seconds instead of over months
The average software application depends on at least 500 open source libraries and components, a 77% increase from 298 dependencies in two years,

In recent years, the adoption of third-party open-source software (OSS) has increased significantly, which helps to extend the proprietary code developed in-house and improve time to market.

Vulnerabilities can be normally fixed by a security patch. It is time-critical to update security patches as a delay in remediation could expose software systems to attacks. Developers can often remediate the security alerts by either upgrading their vulnerable dependency to the non-vulnerable version or removing the vulnerable dependency from their project.

According to GitHub, there has been a resolution of about 7.6 million security alerts, mostly in the form of commits. Meanwhile, there are only 12,174 Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) reported in the same year. This means that a large number of security issues are not reported in the form of CVEs and silently patched into OSS without public notification.

Dependency in these unsafe versions of libraries could expose the dependent software to hidden risks. To avoid the exploitation of these unsafe libraries, the security patches shall be identified and pushed to the vulnerable software at the earliest.

Key Challenges


insufficient government support


risky vulnerability are not enough monitored


lack of open source software visibility


vulnerabilities remediation is complicated

The Incredity Solution


Get visibility into your development stack and understand what open source software are in use


Start scanning your software development stack for premium vulnerabilities collected exclusively from Incrediy’s pending-patent AI-engine to provide actionable visibility to your code security posture in almost real-time, enabling you to patch vulnerabilities quickly, preventing attacks, and reducing downtime.


Discover odd behavior into your development culture and apply governance control policies in real time


Use Incredity SocialProof technology to automatically remediate any security issues found in your development stack

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